Trio of Teapots, Porcelain, Wood Fired for 110 Hours in Santatsugama Wood Kiln

Gina Freuen Pottery & Design

A 40 year career in Spokane, Washington, evolved around family, gardens, studio and a teaching career at Gonzaga University, an instructor of introductory design, drawing and ceramics. RETIRED from teaching May 2016. Yippee!

A collection ~ multimedia works on paper and complex but whimsical one-of-a-kind porcelain and stoneware vessels.

Evolved processes ~ clay forms that incorporate textures of indefinite origins, stained or fired to enhance pattern and overall energy. Mixed media works on paper, archival, one-of-a-kind compositions, the end result of a working studio and a secondary graphic design career, images evolved from mixed medias, and the simple pencil.

Intent ~ for your pleasure ~ clay forms are functional in intent, stretched and twisted by fantasy, from sculptural water vessel to intimate hand held cup.